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How to convert huge Youtube playlist to mp3?

Convert Youtube Playlist videos to Mp3

Mp3Youtube is the right place for Youtube Playlist converter. Here you can rest assured that your playlist will be converted to Mp3, or it will be painfully easy to download videos as Mp4 format files. There's no nonsense, you submit playlist URL, and we simply give you the list of videos in that playlist. After that it's just 1 by 1 select the videos you like and convert them to mp3 or mp4. We know not every 1 single video needs to be converted in the playlist, usually you only add 2-3 new videos a week to your playlist of favorites, so we let you pick the videos you want, instead of converting whole playlist to mp4 or mp3, which only takes away the power and transfer data. We also support playlists from Dailymotion, multi-video Instagram posts and stories, even m3u8 video playlists, although those have no relation to playlists as we know them..

Please, be aware, converting and downloading multiple videos from playlist on mobile plan without free WIFI may ruin your monthly data allotment in just 2 shakes of a lamb tail. Or if you like not the allegories, - after just a few videos converted and downloaded. Doing mp3 converting will take hundreds or even thousands of songs to kill your monthly data, but with videos, especially long ones, you may go broke after halfhour of video materials downloaded.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

Can I convert playlist with Youtube shorts?

Yes, we can download Youtube shorts to mp4 or convert them to mp3, just copy the link and bring it over here. Then go about them 1 by 1 converting to the format you want or need.

How to convert Youtube playlis ton Android?

We don't recommend messing with big playlists on Android, having 100s of thumbnails load at once may just freeze your device. But if you need it - we do it on Android same as any other playform with Internet access and browser.

How to convert Youtube playlist to mp3 simple?

  1. Copy playlist link to clipboard, use Share + Copy Link if confused
  2. Open mp3-you and insert the link from clipboard into the input box.
  3. Press Download and wait for list of video titles to load up.
  4. Select videos you want, click thumbnails and convert them.

What formats are supported for playlist convert?

You have lots of options to convert playlist videos to - MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, 3GP, and many others formats, just pick one from drop-down list when process comes to it.

Do you limit downloads or playlist conversions?

No we don't. You can convert multiple videos from playlist, you can also convert and download multiple playlists every day. We just ask you be aware that others are also using this site, also converting videos and downloading them..

What other playlists can you convert to mp3 or mp4?

We can help with Dailymotion playlists, Vimeo playlists, Instagram & Reddit multi-video posts, Twitch clips collections, Soundcloud and Mixcloud playlists, basically any site that does any grouping of videos or audios - we can help you download that playlist, as we agree to call those.

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Convert Youtube Playlist to MP4, MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

Yes, we said it first. Since our converter can turn your Youtube video into all those different formats, it is also true for the playlist of videos. Simply when downloading or converting next video from playlist pick the different video format you like, or select something non-mp3 from the audio tracks of the video. It's no different for the software or app you will use to play these mp3s, m4as or webms - the app knows all the formats, well, most of them, and these are some of the most popular ones, hence most apps and programs will know how to go about playing these. Formats other than mp3 are usually less space consuming, so you can store 2 songs as M4a while Mp3 will only be 1 song of the same size, so it pays to use formats other than Mp3, that's for sure.