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Howto: convert Youtube videos to mp3 the simple way?

Extract audio from Youtube videos online

Mp3Youtube welcomes you. For decades now Youtube has been the leader in new music releases. There's no surprise - with billions of users, it's become the premiere destination for all the famous and yet unknown artists, singers, performers. And that's why Mp3Youtube provides the services of Youtube Converter. This means mostly that our website can convert videos from Youtube platform and save them to mp3 file on your device. We can also convert Youtube video to mp4, although here we are proud to do just the music extraction and conversion. Try it out - find video on Youtube, click on its thumbnail, load converter button, convert video to mp3. As easy as 1-2-3-4.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

Does this work with Youtube shorts?

Yes, we can download Youtube shorts here, just copy the link and bring it over here... Convert Youtube shorts to mp3 online.

Do you limit downloads or conversions?

No. We don't prevent users from converting Youtube videos to mp3 as much as they like. Just be mindful of others, please.

What converter formats are supported?

You have lots of options to convert video to - MP3, M4A, AAC, WEBM, and many others formats, just pick one from drop-down.

How to convert Youtube to mp3 simple?

  1. Copy video link to clipboard.
  2. Open mp3-you and insert video link into the search box.
  3. Press Download and wait for converter options.
  4. Select format you want and convert Youtube video.

What websites Mp3 converter works with?

We can help with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Soundcloud, Reddit, and maybe 500 more sites supported.

How to run Youtube converter on Android?

Same like on any other platform - start Internet browser, open Mp3 Youtube website in it, and convert away. Same on iPhone.

Try Mp3Youtube www-app

Add to Home Screen

Very simple Mp3 converter app, it mimics this website fully and completely, so give it a try. Copy video URL from Youtube app and paste it in the search box above, hit Download and see the possibilities unravel before you. Everything exactly the same way this website does things, so it'll be very easy for you to adjust. Try our web-app, it's cool & free.

Simple Bookmark-let

Download MP3

This is an interesting shortcut in case you like to use this website, try it out. Drag and drop it to your bookmarks for it to work. When pressed, bookmarklet does a little more than just send you to this website, as any bookmark would. It also grabs the URL address of the page you were on, and sends it here with you. No need to copy-paste anything, ya-a-a-ay!

Mp3Youtube saves songs in many audio file formats

It's the future and Mp3 is not the king anymore. All devices everywhere can also play AAC, M4A, WEBM, WMA, and many other audio formats. Anmd here we can help you convert Youtube video to audio file and download that audio as one of those glorious formats. Just watch out for the drop-down list where all of the currently available converter formats are listed, select your favorite and convert video to mp3. As stated, download begins when converter finishes work. If you cannot find the format you like - give us a shout, we can help with that most likely.